Treasurer Curtis Loftis on Fox Business

Video: State Treasurer Curtis Loftis on Fox Business NetworkVideo: State Treasurer Curtis Loftis Appears on Fox Business Network

South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis appeared on the Fox Business Network to discuss his push for a national discussion regarding the transparency and accountability of public pension plans.  Treasurer Loftis believes taxpayers, public employees and retirees deserve to have a clear idea on how and where their money is being invested. Public pension plans account for the largest influx of cash into Wall Street.

Video Courtesy Fox Business Network 


  1. Daggan is just so damn (smart) hot, and married now too, uugghh.

  2. I have said it before and I will say it again, Mr. Loftis needs to run for governor. A few of us have discussed this many times and if it were not having thought Gov Haley was unfairly attacked (at the time)we would have voted for the other, cannot remember but please Mr. Loftis please run for governor,we need you.

    • Someone decent should run for Governor. I think we have been had by Trikki Nikki. She’s all about herself and to hell with the state. She’s too busy drumming up interest in herself in other states so she can run for President, if she doesn’t get a VP nod this year.
      God help us all.

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