Thomas Ravenel featured in Bravo network TV show

Thomas & Arthur RavenelSCHotline Staff Reports

WYFF confirmed Thomas Ravenel told TV station WCSC that he is part of the brand new Bravo network TV show called “Southern Charm”.

FITSNews reports the description of the show courtesy of Deadline Hollywood …

The notoriously closed society of Charleston, South Carolina unlocks the gates of their centuries-old plantation homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives.  Get charmed by the social scene which is bound by tradition and ostentation unlike any other culture in America, through a group of the city’s most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern belle equals.

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Thomas Ravenel isn’t the only dashing aristocrat from the South Carolina Lowcounty tapped to appear in Southern Charm, a new reality TV series approved for


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  1. Real Housewives vs Charleston Southern Charm, they have as much chance of another season as does Elizabeth Colbert Busch defeating Mark Sanford for Congress, pack your bag’s ladies.

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