SCGOP In-Fighting — Updated

In-Fighting in SCGOPIn-Fighting in SCGOP

By Paul Gable

With a little more than a week to go until the SCGOP state convention, things are beginning to get a little personal.

S.C. Republican Party chairman Chad Connelly sent out an e-mail rant against upstate member Brian Frank late last week, at a time when you would think Connelly would be concentrating on the upcoming convention and his hopes for re-election as state party chairman.

Actually, maybe he is.

Connelly’s e-mail inferred that Frank may fit into the same category as the two Boston bombers, “As we close in on the end of our conventions and in light of the world in which we live where terrorists try their best to blend in with our culture, we cannot take anything for granted and cannot allow ourselves to associate with people who rant endlessly hateful stuff.

“I want to warn those of you in upstate meetings where I have seen this person that you do not need to let him near your meetings.”

Maybe the most telling part of the e-mail is where Connelly named Frank as a primary supporter of Sam Harms who reportedly is challenging Connelly for the state party chairmanship.

“On a related note, Brian Frank has threatened me and my family in the past and he is the primary Facebook, twitter, email and text person supporting Sam Harms.

Frank denies personally threatening Connelly and the accuracy of Connelly’s e-mail in general. Comments about ranting hateful stuff refer to an anti-Semitic article Frank posted on his Facebook page.

Frank said he thought the content presented a unique view he had never heard before and posted the article for informational purposes.

Irrespective of the content, Connelly attributed the article to Frank, which he denies. Looks like more of an attempt by Connelly to mix-up facts to justify his ends.

The difficulties between Connelly and Frank date back to the Republican National Convention in August 2012 when Connelly, according to Frank, refused to allow a S.C. alternate delegate to take a seat at the national convention.

What may actually lie at the bottom of this contretemps is what is seen by traditional party Republicans, a category including Connelly, as a possible strong challenge by TEA Party groups for control of the state party at the upcoming May 4th state convention.

The recent sweeping away of traditional leadership in favor of TEA Party leaders was quite notable in the recent Charleston, Lexington and York county conventions.


Update >> Friends of Brian Frank have started an online fund to defend Frank against the SCGOP Chair…


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  4. We need to ask Chad Connelly these quetions:

    1. The supreme court said that you failed to follow state law with
    candidate filing and this resulted in over 100 republicans being removed
    from the ballot , are you going to resign?

    2. Ed Harris got
    more votes than his primary opponent why did you list Ed Harris as
    losing election? follow up Who paid you off?

    3. Do you take responsibility for all the improper filings for the candidates getting removed from the ballot? If so, when will you resign?

    4. Why are you opposed to the lawsuit to prevent democrats voting in our primaries?

    5. South Carolina has historically run and paid for its own
    presidential preference primaries in January. Why did you ask the
    Government to run and pay for the primary? Why do you need to rely on
    the govt to do something that we can do ourselves?

    6. The
    republican party has always conducted candidate filings without any
    problems until you became chairman, why do you support the legislation
    that would put the govt in charge of candidate filing?

    7. Why did the SC GOP borrow $340,000 and how do you intend on paying it back?

    • Brian, why are you laying problems in our election laws at Chad’s door? I have serious issues with Chad’s leadership and this kind of silliness distracts from them. Why is it that everytime I deal with you, I am requesting that you back off and tell the truth?

  5. York County’s traditional leadership was not swept away by tea leaders, it wasn’t swept away at all! The one position won by a far right absolutist who favors returning to nominating conventions was the lone exception. And even he is part of the old Christian Coalition rather than the local tea group, although he does support returning to nominating conventions. All the elected positions except one were open seats and were won by traditional, conservative Republicans who want to keep our primary system and strengthen it with registration by party.

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