Why Haley should choose Mark Sanford

Why Haley should choose Mark SanfordWhy Haley should choose former Governor Mark Sanford

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Issac J. Bailey of the MBO has penned a very interesting and thoughtful read over the weekend, the excerpt follows. The premise, a no-brainier, Governor Mark Sanford is the obvious choice to replace Senator Jim DeMint and Bailey makes a very simple and clear case for it.

Unfortunately, we understand the deal to name Tim Scott was inked long before DeMint’s public statements of intent to resign and take over at the Heritage Foundation. We say unfortunate in that we would like to believe that Haley had a choice in the matter, and of course, she does… or does she?

The fact remains there is only one in the state of South Carolina deserved and most qualified to take on the job in the Senate, and that is Governor Mark Sanford.

Rep. Tim Scott of Charleston seems to be the popular choice to replace the retiring Sen. Jim DeMint, who is off to head up the conservative think tank the Heritage Foundation.

That might be good for the Republican Party and Scott.

A less obvious choice might be better for the state. With apologies to Stephen Colbert, Mark Sanford should receive strong consideration.

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