Garbage Wars and Slimy Politics

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Garbage Wars and Slimy Politics 

(Grand Strand Daily)

The political war over garbage escalated this past week as the state senate may be close to passing a bill that would eliminate county government’s ability to be monopolist garbage czars.

Specifically at risk is Horry County’s flow control ordinance that requires all garbage generated in the county to be disposed of at the Horry County Solid Waste Authority landfill on Hwy 90. The new bill would make flow control illegal throughout the state.

News of the bill surfaced in newspapers serving Columbia and Horry County over the past couple of days raising the specter of massive amounts of toxic waste from New York City flowing into Horry County if the bill passes.

Anything’s fair in political wars and nothing requires the propaganda associated with them to have any element of truth. Both of those dubious standards are being stretched to the limit in Horry County’s garbage war.

The environmentalists have joined forces with the SWA to fight against passage of the state bill to eliminate flow control. Waste haulers, both large and small, have joined free market legislators supporting the bill. Environmentalists against big business, sound familiar?

One of the more outlandish tactics in this fight was a letter sent to the SWA and Horry County council members by a Tabor City, N.C. attorney claiming to represent a “New York client”, saying the client was interested in buying the SWA landfill. To their credit, most of the county council members saw through this one.



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