Candidates in SC1 Spar Over Gay Marriage

Candidates in SC1 Spar Over Gay MarriageMonday forum unveiled some differences

By Shawn Drury

Though it does not appear to be a major issue among voters, several GOP candidates for the First Congressional District seat have exchanged barbs over gay marriage in recent days.

The issue bubbled up at a Tea Party forum in Bluffton on Monday where the candidates had different takes on the federal government’s role in marriage.

Teddy Turner, Jr. said, “I don’t think social issues should be a federal issue.”

Elizabeth Moffly said she didn’t think Congress should legislate morality or what goes on behind closed doors.

Rep. Peter McCoy said, “When it comes down to the government telling somebody how to get married … I think the government has zero role in it.”

Sen. Larry Grooms fired back at these positions, claiming the other candidates were violating conservative principles. “I firmly believe marriage is between one man and one woman – and I will fight to defend traditional marriage against every attack,” Grooms said in a statement. “Quite frankly, I’m appalled that the other candidates refused to stand up for traditional marriage. But I’m not surprised. My opponents have sure talked a good conservative game, but now everyone can see, the others just won’t be as conservative as they say they will. And last night’s forum proves my point.”

Moffly did not back down from her stance on the matter. “Personally I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. I also believe that neither the federal government, nor Mr. Grooms have any business legislating morality,” Moffly said. “Washington cannot produce a budget let alone balance one; we certainly do not need or want them in our bedrooms.

“Mr. Grooms’s political rhetoric and lack of Constitutional knowledge demonstrate he offers only more of the same highly ineffectual and divisive representation we have come to expect out of Washington.”

The Supreme Court is expected to hear at least two case regarding gay marriage this Spring.

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