Big Labor’s Big Boo-Boo

June 6, 2012 8:58 AMViews: 141

Big Labor's Big LossBy C. Edmund Wright

Wow.  Where to start?

The “it’s gonna be a late night in Madison” notion was virtually over by the end of Happy Hour — which no doubt did cause some very late nights instead in Washington and Chicago.  With little or no happiness at all.  And naturally there were also the comparisons to the vibes of the night Scott Brown took down the Kennedy seat in 2009.  More on both of these dynamics shortly.

The real story is: what happened this spring in Wisconsin was not a recall election at all.  Pure and simple, it was a mulligan.  A childish do-over.  Moreover, it was a battle of government union members and their families against pretty much everyone else.  And when that really crystallized in the minds of the voters, the unions’ cause was doomed.  The name Tom Barrett is irrelevant here.  The biggest losers last night — and there were many — were big labor generally and public service unions specifically.

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  • No Sean! It was the Bilderbergs who decided a year ago that Obama was being tossed under the Bus for your Wall Street Fascist Corporate Republican 1% War mongering Romney fool who will have you working 3 jobs in one day, making 50 Cents a hour at Taco Bell as the restroom cleaner and when you finish that shift, you will hotfoot it over to Hooters and work as male service stipper for 1 dollar a hour and finally, after that shift is over, you will wash the Clemson Tigers football team jocks for 10 cents a hour, not counting your massive credit card debt that you can’t bankrupt against or your student loan of 500 hundred dollars that will make your on-line scam degree worthless in a make believe Republican Paradise that you worship like some Zionist Goat Religious secret society on the Rush Limbnuts genric fear mongering Radio show..Now that you have your brain control set challege and clock clean. Now get out there and stop those 70,000 Home forclosers in your wisconia republican paradise.. No doubt you believe that also escape Alien Lizards from Area 51 and Lizard Lick North Caroina cause the colapse of the American Empire..

  • No was the voice of mainstream Americans that spoke…who finally saw the hypocricy of organized thugs (nee, Lbor Unions)who have tried to control this country for years.
    No one wants people working for a dollar an hour…no taxes collected in that meager amount…
    I’m glad Wisconsin, San Mateo and SanDiego (they’re in
    California you know) did the same thing by overruling those who would try to be he ruling class.

  • Come on Man! Big labor didn’t bring down the USA. No doubt you are a mouth piece for Corporate Fascist Wall Street Sachs and the rest of the terrorist Bankgangtors who want you working at Taco Bell for 1 dollar a hour..Occupy this fool and send him and the Republican party along with Obama to the dark side of the Moon.

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