Azar: 09.11.2011 and Doris Holt

By Joe Azar

Today marks the 10th year past the World Trade Center destruction. It was, and still is, a very sad event to contemplate. Parents, children, spouses, friends, all lost to each other. While some in other countries consider it as much a victory as we do when we destroy in their countries, there is no victory ever in the taking of lives innocent of guilt.

Today also marks the day Jim Spencer finally got to see his mother again, 9 months after SC DSS kidnapped her, hid her, and did not even have the decent compassion to let him know she was alive and why she was taken. It was a moving event, one I shared with him, his mother, and two other of Jim’s friends. It was the Georgia game day that afternoon, so I remember it well.

But how can I forget as all of us were set up for arrest that day. It was an evil set up by a lying, heartless attorney, Jason Bring, who represented Unihealth, the Orangeburg facility where Doris Holt had been hidden. This liar Bring told the governor’s office we were allowed to visit, then immediately sent a letter to the Orangeburg facility telling them if Jim and his associates came to the facility, call the authorities. Thanks to quick work that day by attorney Brandon Gaskins of Governor Sanford’s office, the way was cleared and we had a wonderful reunion. And we even got back in time for me to catch most of the game and tailgate too.

This Doris Holt story has not ended, but like 9/11, ended tragically for her: she died of malnutrition and dehydration, according to Richland County Coroner Gary Watts, who was compassionate enough, and cared enough about the health and rights of all citizens, to investigate. Sadly, and sickly, the Orangeburg coroner refused to do an autopsy, refused to return calls to me, to Jim, and even to a doctor, something that makes me wonder how indecently, even illegally, Orangeburg residents may be treated.

Like WTC and 9/11, Jim will never forget, those close to him will never forget, those that continue to investigate against all odds and all cover ups will never forget, and I will never forget, nor cease from finding the truth and seeing justice done. Every time 9/11 comes about, we will remember the WTC tragedy and Doris Holt.

May they all be blessed in their new life away from all the hate, madness and evil of this world, and may we all join with them and rejoice when we meet again. And, in their memory, may we all try to bring happiness to this world, while smiting down evil, and seeing that justice and compassion rule.

That is the least we can do in their honor.


Joseph Azar


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