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Paul and Kathy Gable

S.C. Hotline Editor Paul Gable pictured with his late wife Kathy.

Welcome to S.C. Hotline

Originally founded by politicos Mike Green and Jeffrey Sewell it is and will forever be the original political insiders news blog of South Carolina.  For over 20 years, I covered local news and politics for newspapers, the most recent being The Myrtle Beach Herald.

When the Herald was sold in Spring 2009, I went into semi-retirement to focus on a book. In the intervening period, I also served as a caregiver to my wife, Kathy, as she battled stage four colon cancer. Ultimately, we lost the battle, and Kathy passed on August 9, 2011.

With the extra time I now have, I am diving back into the news business with several online magazines of regional interests, mine and hopefully yours.

The focus of the publication will be state and local news and politics, as well as profiles of people and editorials on timely subjects.

Visit us every day to see our latest updates and please feel free to submit your story ideas to us.

Paul Gable, Editor

Please feel free to send us ideas for stories and or submit your own opinion editorials to grandstranddaily@gmail.com and or press@schotline.us.

  • EandW


    Thanks for all the good work in the 2006 campaign. Data is boring, but you made it work for us.

    Now, as far as the Ascot, hmmm, the jury is still out. I will get back to you the Deb season…


  • ChrisWhite

    Does the power of the Sewell come from the Ascot? From a simple piece of cloth?

    Dare I drop the bow-tie and try “a Sewell”?

    If only I could harness the power of the A.


  • KarlRove


    Can’t make a move without you! When I get outta this white house gig we gotta get together…I wanna show you this top hat thing I am playing with…


  • ColumbiaLightGuy

    Thanks for the SC Hotline. I travel a lot and it is very helpful.

    I hope you can do more independent reporting as SC media is very slack in the regard.

    Thanks again.

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  • BlueDem

    I think you’re batting for the wrong team, my man

  • RepubliCANTS


    A conservative political consultant helps Republicans win races in the one of the most conservative/republican states in the nation…

  • Pete Partee

    Thanks for your Ravenel piece in the Greenville News. Sounds like you are not a lock em up and throw away the key person.
    As Greenville County’s first Public Defender (22 years), I am well acquainted with Donnie Myers and the record of Lexington County. Was this just a Ravenel thing or can we count on your continued support for justice in sentencing.
    Will look forward to your reply.

  • http://schotline.wordpress.com/ schotline

    Pete Partee,

    Absolutely, I have felt this way for years, it did become very personal with regard to my friend Thomas Ravenels situation. Neither should have received jail time based on what we know of the situation and original charges.

    Miller was used and allowed to sell drugs in order to snare Ravenel. We collectively regardless of party need to agree upon our priorities and our beliefs that the rehabilitation of non-violent offender is the right thing to do.

    We have with no help from my own party have become a punitive and not rehabilitative oriented society.

    ~Jeffrey Sewell

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  • http://stmatthewssc.net Bill Carroll


    Been some years, man! Looks like you’re doing well for yourself and your finger’s firmly on the pulse of SC politics…if you ever want to reminisce about the ComPro.SC days, drop me a line.

    • http://www.schotline.us/ Jeffrey Sewell

      We should do that, I sure miss the challenge of those projects. Dreher HS being one of the toughest places in the world to place fiber (3ft’ thick concrete) is now gone ten years later and rebuilt, now you know that building was good for another 30 years minimum… just sayin!

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  • http://SCHOTLINE Janet Cox West

    Living In Aiken County all of my life. I have worked many places has a cashier, waitress, bookkeeper, supply clerk, carpenter apprentice. I have dealth with alot of issues and experienced many. Anyway, I want and intend to make a difference in my hometown. I would like to meet the editor. Can this be arranged? Also, I have an interest with The article of The Nikki Haley Distraction of 2010, pertaining to Columbia, SC police department and Unihealth Nursing Home, Columbia SC. I’d like a copy of that, where can I get one?

  • Keith H. seymour

    I love the new look and format.

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  • Al Moore


    You may be Big Stuff on the political insider stuff, but you’re dead wrong about Rick Perry for President. He’s THE hand-picked choice of the Bilderberg Group, meeting recently in Switzerland.

    Anyone who gets their Stamp of Approval is NO friend of mine or the USA! Same goes for Newt Gingrich, and his membership in the CFR…it’s a fact!

    • http://SCHotline.us Jeffrey Sewell

      WOAH! That is an opinion piece and not my opinion and or that of SCHotline, we simply post stuff. :) Thanks for your comment!

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