5 Tested Things That will Boost Your Instagram Followers

I was sick of begging people to follow me on my Instagram account . I read almost all guides on how to get Instagram followers, how can I increase my Instagram followers and what not. There were methods that were good and helped me increasing followers but none of the guide was complete . Either it was missing a point or it contained something that can negatively impact my Instagram account.

So, here is a guide , in which all methods are positively effective. But you need to remember patience is a key to success , so some points are slow but they are there because they are better. You can boost your Instagram followers by following my below points but before going down, don’t forget setting your account to public:

Follow Others :

Use explore button and follow other profiles and like their pictures. Do this daily. It is an effective method. You will soon start noticing the positive change in your followers list as  people whom you followed will also start following you. I also recommend giving nice comments on other’s pictures as it increases  the chances of them following you.

Connectivity With Facebook :

You should connect your Instagram account with Facebook. This won’t only make your social presence on Facebook but also maximize your social exposure. People using Facebook will get to know of you and will start following you on Instagram.

Use Popular Hashtags :

Research and find popular hashtags for yourself. It solely depends on your Instagram account type. Use these hashtags as hashtags are the best way to get your pictures noticed. You can also consider making your own hashtag. This hashtag might not be the popular one , but it will directly get your pictures on top.

Tip : There is popular hashtag #like4like . This indicates you will like / follow other’s profile , if likes /follow your Instagram account. This will get you many free Instagram followers to your account.

Free Instagram Followers :

Internet is filled with websites and Instagram follower sellers giving away Instagram followers. Most importantly, they will get you no. of followers completely free. Absolutely , just for nothing. For getting free Instagram followers you just have to enter submit your username to such websites. They will send thousands of free followers to your account within hours.

Quality Pictures :

People love high resolution  pictures having good quality. Chances of getting more followers increases if your all photographs are of high resolution  quality images. Adding other Instagram apps to  improve picture quality and adding filters is a great plus.

If you will rightly follow all above points of ” how to get more followers on instagram ” guide, you will soon start noticing flow of followers coming to your account.

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